My Fault I’m Stupid

You told me “I crave you,”
With your hand on my thigh
Through that delicious, deep kiss
That I taught you
My “shut up” came heavy and low
I didn’t want you to know
I believed it
It was just a good way to loosen me up
A little foreplay in the form of a lie
But I did crave you
With such desperation
That all good sense took its leave of my mind
By the time your fingers tired
Of being so low on my leg
And casually packed up to move north
And found their way into the hole of my shorts
It was all I could do not to beg

I probably knew at some point before you
That I should never give up all the power
I knew that as soon as I loved you
You’d leave
No witch would waste all his magic on me
Now I’m two times the fool
Once for falling for you
Twice for sitting around feeling sour

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