To the Women

I’ve seen at least one of you mock me outright, and your behavior alone tells me you’re not evolved enough to understand just what that says about you as a person. So I’ll educate you.

To inflict the sort of harm that you have and to then further victimize your victim reeks of sociopathy, or a half developed socio-emotional skill set, likely represented as deficient regions of grey matter somewhere in your subnormal brain. In case that’s too tough for you to understand: You think you’re cool solely because you’re retarded.

I used to read a lot on human sexuality, fascinating subject, I’d recommend a few titles if you were into chaper books, so I know that mate poaching is a thing. Its typically not about the dude, though he does benefit from the preselection (another woman has already done the work in determining his value, and has found him to be a suitable investment). It’s about the bitch. Science says that the impulse to take what is mine arises due to admiration or envy. Either you want to be me, so you try on my dress, or your ego is so threatened by me that taking what I have becomes the only way to convince yourself that you are worthy. I guess the logic here is that if you are able to obtain what is mine, it must follow that you deserve it more, presumably due to your inherent superiority. Ah, these simple minds. If only that’s how it worked.

In either case I’m flattered. In the latter, I regret to inform you that though you fucked my boyfriend, you’re still a troll. Dude was fucking all the hoodrats, sweetheart. You’re not special, he’s just a whore.

If he said anything to you at all that made you think he didn’t regard you as an annoyingly talkative glory hole, then he lied. The poor guy’s dick is so big that he can only supply blood to one head at a time. Brian thinks you’re a scumbag, his penis just liked to wander off like a curious puppy, too friendly for its own good. He’ll snuggle up with anything warm, but the stench of your character makes him desperate for home.

We already knew you were worthless, and by we I mean that it’s the unanimous opinion of society. It’s a goddamned shame pigs should ever have a nice pair of tits. You know it too, it’s signaled by your wanting to be me, who you unconsciously regard as better. So I won’t waste much time on you, you’re already such a waste as it is, I just wanted you to know that you should shut your developmentally delayed, yapping lips before my fist makes them swell themselves closed. Brian will gladly tell you how hard I hit.

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