As I Understand It

So you guys are probably thinking, “What the hell is up with Brian? Was the infidelity scare real or was it all made up by some malicious third entity? How did your friends know if they weren’t making it up?” Or maybe you’re not a fucking idiot and you pretty much already know that he totally fucking cheated on me, and you’re just curious about the deets.

So with pathological liars, one can never be sure of knowing the full truth. But here’s how I think it went down:

Brian is a lot like I used to be, so to cushion himself from the imaginary pain of my betrayals, he kept multiple active dating profiles throughout the duration of our relationship and posted his nudes and our porn on Reddit regularly. The opportunity arose for him to make dirty videos with several other women, beginning in December of 2021. Google maps tells me that he was never where he said he would be, and often spent the night cozied up with his mistress when he was supposed to be alone at a hotel.

He’s been profiting off the cheating porn for a while, screenshots I found of his bank account show deposits from Stripe, which is an online card processing service and is definitely not a peer to peer exhange like Cashapp. This means he has not been receiving charity, as he told me. Weird. He also has been spending a considerable amount of my money on dates with his co-stars.

I discovered numerous audio recordings that he covertly made of me, around the house, chilling, working etc, and they date back a while, so take the emotional abuse of digging into your partners online files and multiply it by ten, basically. These recordings fortunately helped me to verify the cheating suspicions, as many of the Reddit posts are edited to be unidentifiable. I’ve just got a much better memory than he anticipated.

I do know that I never would have found these posts if I had not been pointed in the right direction, and for this part, I suspect I should thank me friends, who were definitely hacking my shit in order to place the right cookies in the right places and what not. So thanks, now mind your own business. Lol.

For the super complicated collection of evidence, stay tuned. I intend to disseminate all that I’ve gathered, respecting individual’s privacy to a degree, in order to better make sense of it and take a poll. Cuz in the absence of a confession, there is a jury right? At the end, you’re invited to cast your vote. Do it, your verdict is the closest I’ll get to certainty, and it’ll shut the mother fucker up.

Until then, peace out.

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