April 28 Prompt

It is a quarter to one, the better one, when most people are asleep. The doors are slamming down the hall, first I’ve heard them all day. Juxtaposed with silence, they’re suddenly loud. I just finished my last work appointment, some guy we’ll call J, who made me a little nervous with all his looking at me, but was easy otherwise. Someone just sent me a photo of some lady crawling on all fours in his hotel’s hallway.

The world is mine now. No one’s awake to insist that I live as they do, no one’s around but the weirdos. And they’re just the same as me, in that they’re not like everyone else. Few of them abide by the daytime’s rules, and fewer still presume enough familiarity with the codes to play judge. They’re as glad as I am for some peace and quiet.

Besides, they’re much more fun, aren’t they? Two hundred people in the grocery store all do the same thing. Pick stuff up, put some back, fill the cart, get in line, condescend to the cashier in a sing-songy voice so their self importance sounds friendly. Pat themselves on the back for being so gracious.

One person at 1 a.m. is far more interesting. I’ve never seen anyone crawl down the isles at HEB.

The pressure is off, I can be me, I can sit at this computer for the next three hours if I want and not one person will interrupt to remind me that I have to do stuff. And with nothing to do, and no one telling me what I can’t do, the possibilities are endless.

The Prompt: “Your Time to Shine”
Early bird, or night owl?