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check back in a little while for the full site experience, or get sucked into the vortex for now.*

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If you’re interested in reading what I’m working on outside of the Vortex, you can find it at:

in a nutshell

for those of you wondering about my sessions, here’s the run down:

1. I will probably be hard to book. This happens because I receive a ton of inquiries daily, because I have a life, and because my life stays chaotic. I’m trying my best, just keep trying with me. You’re not a bother, I swear.

2. I might flake. This happens because you forgot to confirm, because I have a life, and because I struggle with existential boredom, depression, and anxiety. Again, I’m working on it.

3. My rate is 80/hh or 120/hr for hands only Full Body Sensual Massage, which means exactly what it says. Toe to top, Swedish-ish body rub, back to front, and a happy little finale. No upgrades are available, which means the rate is a flat rate with no surprises ever.

4. Some mutual touch is okay and I accomodate most PG-13 requests. By default I’ll be seated downstairs for access and range of motion, but ultimately, I wanna do what works for you, so if you need some extra contact please ask.

5. I’m presently hopping around hotels, trying to restabilize my life. most likely to be located near downtown

the vortex